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When You’re Starting Exercise from the Bottom

Getting started from the bottom is a challenge. I can truly say I know this, I have been there multiple times. It’s daunting to be coming back into consistent exercise after so much time away from it. You have to promise to let go of the yucky negative talk and start to slowly tackle those small, like SUPER small goals.

I have two full term pregnancies that left me bed bound. My first I had Hyperemesis until 20 weeks and then at 24 weeks I was knocked back down with severe Symphysis Pubis - the kind that had all my doctor and midwives scratching their heads. My second, I had the joy and privilege (insert sarcasm) of suffering Hyperemesis the whole pregnancy. I felt at rock bottom both times, not to mention navigating postpartum healing and long days with newborn babies. Once I was healed, getting back into any form of exercise was so scary, frustrating and felt so foreign.

Where did I start? I started with the SMALLEST little goals. If you set very very small goals, they will seem more manageable and therefore sustainable. Start very low impact movement: yoga, pilates, walking or swimming. Set your gaols as simple as one modified push up or one squat, or "five minutes will be enough today".You will feel great when you accomplish it and everything else on top of it is just a bonus. What ends up happening is hhhmmmm “One push up felt easier today, maybe I can do two?!” and it builds from there.

The one thing I will say is it takes time. A LOT more time than you mentally think you’ll need. If you are a postpartum mumma reading this, give yourself at least a year until you feel semi “yourself” and most of the time it takes longer than that.

Find exercise that works for you. If it’s walking, swimming and just a workout in your garage. I personally love low impact movement like pilates, yoga, swimming, surfing and walking. Whatever it is that makes you smile at the end. The more you enjoy it, the more sustainable it is.


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