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Minuto is modern remix of all the best bits of yoga and pilates. We believe the small things on and off the mat make a big difference and movement should be a joyous moving meditation. We pride ourself on fun, boutique, and community driven classes hosted beachfront in Newcastle.

Our Mission: movement for a better you and a better planet


Hi, I'm Mariah Brettell 

So grateful that you (whoever you are) have stumbled into my life through this creative platform. I'm here to support you, sharing how movement can benefit you in all aspects of your life. I am showing up as me, never taking things too seriously.I'm the same person both on and off the mat. Teaching brings me true joy - connecting with you, bumping playlists, having a good laugh and (whoops) dropping an occasional cuss word. Whether you're here for the in person classes or enjoying the studio from your own home, I am humbled to lead you through the magic of movement. Every minuto is just another opportunity to move both body and mind. Let's do it together!


some facts you should know:

- I struggle not to dance while teaching class...sorry not sorry

- I truly know what it is like to start from zero after two pregnancies that left me bed bound. 

- If I'm not moving with you: I'm running like a wild woman after my two boys, in the ocean or just being a fellow weirdo around town. 


I look forward to seeing you in studio! 

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