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Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

Getting yourself moving first thing in the morning has a plethora of benefits. If you’re like me and LOVE your sleep, but the only time slot you have to consistently get your exercise done is early morning (when your household is still asleep)...the initial decision to commit may seem really tough. The first couple mornings, I won’t lie, are hard, but once you get a couple days in - watch out world! You truly feel like a new you. You crave getting up, you crave the endorphins flying, and feeling accomplished first thing. If you’re someone that thinks high intensity workouts first thing are a bit too much for the soul, try some low impact workouts, like Pilates and Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, swimming or walking. Here’s a free 7 days to my online library for some short but spicy workouts. There are so many benefits to exercise, the list is never ending but here are some of my personal favourites:

  1. Gets you off your phone first thing in the morning

  2. Endorphins flowing

  3. Mental Clarity

  4. Boosts your mood and energy for the day

  5. Makes you want to eat healthier

  6. Improves Sleep

  7. Some may think losing that hour of sleep makes you more tired, but after a couple days of consistently getting up you have TONS more energy

  8. It’s done and you mentally have accomplished something already that day

  9. The unpredictability of your day won’t get in the way because you’ve already exercised!

  10. Labido, yep I said it here folks, your welcome

A bit question for you is: what excuses are coming up for you to get up and move your body. Can you make your health and wellness your priority? Is it day one or one day?


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