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 "Mariah is a great instructor. She is clear, smooth and precise yet super technical. Nice fluid pace, she is super attentive and corrects your form when needed. You can definitely feel your abs, glutes and all your body working hard. Challenging,  but results are there and the feeling afterwards is amazing!"  

"Mariah’s classes are nothing short of amazing! I love love love her Pilates style & the peachy burn which is all done to 90s music to get everyone pumped. Her style is dynamic and creative so keeps the classes fun and interesting. Coming from a yoga background I have noticed a big difference in my core and glute strength since regularly attending her Pilates. If your after a serious burn and lots of laughs with a side of 90s jams then Mariah is your girl!"

Mariah is an absolute gem. Every single time I have followed one of her classes, I always felt re-energised, happier and was feeling way better both in my body and in my mind. Mariah has  this very secret sauce to wake you up and even when it’s hard can guarantee you will laugh!I 100% recommend Mariah classes if you simply want to sign up for a new fitness method that is gonna make you laugh and smile even when it’s hard. Little bonus: she has the one of this great BOOSTING playlist with the best vibes to even make you forget you are in a middle of a big session!



- Victoria D

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